Dulster Design is a multidisciplinary design agency run by husband and wife team, Ollie and Zoe Gilbertson. The talented pair got together whilst working at adidas HQ in Germany, he in the footwear department and she in apparel.  After various adventures with outdoor brands in North America and a stint back in Germany with Puma, they returned to the UK to start Dulster Design with years of experience and a couple of young children in tow. 

Dulster will happily chat to you about your design requirements for apparel or footwear. We can consult on any aspect of the creative, design and development process.

We also provide a low key creative business consultation service, advising on running and starting a small business. Please get in touch at anytime.




Footwear & Apparel Design                            * Product specification and development

* Graphics, colour & trend                                  * Brand identity

* Creative Direction                                              * Strategic thinking and small business development